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host glenn beck. he's holding this, many are saying, controversial rally in washington, d.c. today. beautiful washington monument there. perfect day for a rally, i'm told, in d.c., and it's being held, the historic steps of the lincoln mel moral. that very same spot where dr. king gave than "i have a dream" speech 47 years ago today. as i mentioned, at the same time, this counterdemonstration is being held just a couple of miles away by civil rights leaders. team coverage of the event. cnn's kate bolduan joins me live from becks rally and our political director paul steinhauser and as i mentioned a couple blocks away, sara lee at the counterdemonstration. i begin with kate in the thick of things. if i can peer over your shoulder, looks like it's fairly crowded already. this thing is getting started right now. kate, have you talked to people? what are you crowds like there? >> reporter: yeah. we have talked to people this morning. let me first give you a lay of the land, brooke what you're looking at. behind me, the lincoln memorial. crowds gathered here. the portion of the crowd yo
glenn beck and sarah palin. that was fltd by another rally of civil rights leaders. i'm jeff glor. also tonight, katrina five years later. new orleans rebuilds homes and storm barriers while some officials rerebuild their reputations. bucked eye battlefield. what the contest in one district in one state means for the midterm elections. and fast times in laguna beach. the latest crazy in california is speed boarding. >> just try to take corners as fast as we can. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. we begin tonight with two rallies in washington, and while neither was billed as political they mark two sides of a deep political divide. at the lincoln memorial, tens of thousands gathered to hear tea party favorites glenn beck and sarah palin. across town, civil rights lead leaders led by the reverend al sharpton held their own gathering. wrapping up the events tonight, nancy cordes in washington. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: jeff, good evening. according to a tally commissioned by cbs news, roughly 87,000 people gathered h
is hosted by conservative commentator glenn beck. the other on the left side, just getting started. this is being hosted by civil rights activist al sharpton also naacp. we are keeping track of both of these rallies. we'll have coverage on both straight ahead. >>> first, caught up on the stories this hour. watching the weather with us. forecasters are watching two big storms brewing out there in the atlantic. first one, hurricane danielle. expected to skirt bermuda as it heads north. the u.s. east coast should possibly be seeing high waves and dangerous surf as a result. earl could become a hurricane later today right now they say just too early to tell exactly where earl is heading. >>> also, of course, this weekend significant talking about hurricanes. this year five years ago when hurricane katrina slammed into the u.s.' gulf coast totally devastating the region. more than 1,700 people died. thousands of homes totally destroyed along with the levees all around the city of new orleans. all weekend long, we're revise itting people and places we encountered in those terrifying and
'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> it does not end here it is now up to us. >> glenn beck, glenn beck, glenn beck. >> bill: glenn beck stuns the nation by attracting hundreds of thousands of people to washington on saturday. despite the media and some civil rights activists lining up against him. >> they want to disgrace this day. this is our day and we ain't giving it away. >> bill: we will talk with glenn beck and with the reverend al sharpton. >> let's stand together. let's stand with honor and let's restore america. [cheers and applause] >> bill: the political implications of the beck rally are huge. charles krauthammer, juan williams, and mary katharine ham will all analyze. >> i think glenn beck has got a few things the matter with him up in the head. >> bill: bernie goldberg will weigh in on how the media distorted and shamed itself in the coverage of the washington rally. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. big victory for glenn beck. that is the subject of this evening's talking poi
are warning about a new wave of bad news bears. >>> glenn beck is staujing a massive rally in washington this weekend, brazenly tied to martin luther king jr.'s famous march, an dr. king's niece will join him. is this man really america's new civil rights hero? >>> and, big easy blues the ugly crimes committed by new orleans police in the aftermath of hurricane katrina, and the new top cop brought into a city still gripped by scandal and violence. can he make it right? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," august 27th, 2010. >> a camper killed in his tent, a hiker mauled near yellowstone and a grizzly handler killed in ohio. and there's rocky, the who killed a trainer in 2008. we called to rocky's handler, who explains what sets these animals off. we want you to be forewarned that our report includes material that some viewer may find disturbing. brian rooney has the report. >> reporter: this is animal trainer randy miller, with his 7-year-old grizzly bear rocky. >> good. >> reporter: r
turnout by warning their troops what glenn beck and his tea party crowd have up their sleeves. speaking of beck, how about the obscenity or insanity of him saying he want to regain american honor by hijacking the anniversary of martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech on the washington mall itself, right in front of lincoln's memorial. he's comparing the importance of his rally to the moon landing. rosa park, the wright brothers. honestly, i wouldn't have thought of those connections myself. >>> and a mississippi middle school has insisted on deciding which elected class positions can be held by black students and which can be held by white students. for instance, the president of every class must be, you guessed it, white. the school board quickly changed its policy just this afternoon once the media got hold of the story. it turns out this policy is not so rare, as you might think, in states like mississippi. more to come. >>> plus, katrina. five years later. we're still learning more about the chaos and the violence down there in the days after the storm. we're going to go down t
glenn beck. mike conneen has more from the lincoln memorial. >> says glenn beck it is a coincidence that his rally at the lincoln memorial is happening on their anniversary and the same site of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech. event will feature a sarah palin and other conservative leaders. glenn beck says it is not a political event, but it is attracting of criticism. >> we have been on a road for days. >> glenn beck france and tea party activists have writer for saturday's rally at the lincoln memorial. >> we are at a crossroads in our country will realize it is time for us to take a stand and to be bold. >> some have given a life from california. >> about 2,800 miles. >> yesterday the conservative talk-show host checked at this stage. >> what are you open to get olives saturday's event? >> restoring honor. >> we are going to hijack the lincoln memorial on september 28 and give you a vision of exclusion. >> to this civil-rights activists, phil de vellis and the same spot where dr. king delivered his famous speech could not be more political. >> i am a political scientist. i kno
rallies on the mall, one spearheaded by glenn beck and featuring sarah palin. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. beck's rally was held at the lincoln memorial on the anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech and that sparked a well-attended counter- rally led by the reverend al sharpton and matt ackland is live to get things started. >> reporter: it's hard to tell how many people attended the rales. it's one of the busy yesterday days the national mall saw in awhile. both groups are folkate aland at the same time -- vocal and tammy, peaceful. it was a crowd that began to grow before daybreak. the crowd reached as far back as the washington monument and the host repeatedly teased the crowd. >> i have just gotten word from the media that there is over a thousand people here today. >> reporter: glenn beck said the event was about restoring honor to america. the speaker sarah palin urged participants to become motivated by the number of people who travelled to the nation's capitol to -- capitol to be a part of the rally. >> may this day, may this day be the change point. look
memorial and stir up a huge fuss in the process. glenn beck with help from sarah palin spoke yesterday in the same spot on the anniversary of martin luther king's "i have a gramm dream" speech. was it a partisan event? >>> many americans persist in believing a lie that president obama is a muslim. some say they learned it from the media. why haven't journalists been able to put this rumor to rest? >>> and a conservative columnist makes a case against same-sex marriage and is hammered by other commentators. a conversation with ross dalthit of the new york times. >>> and tiger woods ex-wife breaks her silence. did she have too much control over the internet? this is "reliable sources." >>> after weeks of promotion or self-promotion to be precise, glenn beck hit the mall yesterday. tens of thousands of people, or more, showed up on the anniversary of the famous martin luther king speech. less than predicted but an impressive turn out for a talk show guy. here he is trumpeting the lincoln memorial event and those who followed the run-up more than fox did. >> i'm getting a lot of heat becau
. conservative firebrand and fox tv host glenn beck. he said his event would "reclaim the civil rights movement." he told the large crowd american has grown too cynical. >> are we so jaded as a nation, are we so pessimistic that we no longer believe in the individual and the power of the individual. do we no longer believe in dreams. and the power of one person making a difference. i testify to you here and now, one man can change the world. >> and not far aware, the reverend al sharpton echoed martin luther king's speech at washington at the planned king memorial. sharpton and other civil rights leaders were clearly annoyed at beck for taking over the lincoln memorial on this date. but sharpton refused to concede the day. >> they told me that others are going to be at the mall. and they're going to be standing where dr. king stood. well, they may have the mall, but we have the message. they may have the platform, but we have the dream. >> beck says he did not know that today would be the anniversary of the king speech when he applied for the rally permit. but once he learned of the date's hist
. glenn beck is the one behind it. some say he should take it elsewhere because the rally coincides with the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. tom fitzgerald takes a closer look. >> reporter: from martin luther king's i have a dream speech to marion anderson's performance after being barred from a concert because she was black. the lincoln memorial has hosted historic rallies. now another name is looking to join the risk. i'm glenn beck. >> glenn beck plans on hosting the restoring honor rally at the lincoln memorial featuring sarah palin. >> join me august 28th as i bring you some examples of people living today that are doing remarkable things that your children need to see. >> august 28th is the 47th anniversary of dr. king giving the i have a dream speech at the lincoln memorial. they say the date is coincidence. others say it's not eleanor holmes norton was at the king speech. the lincoln memorial is hallowed ground for african americans and glenn beck should take his rally some place else. >> miss motives -- his motives come under severe scrutiny. he h
on now. in washington this weekend, two big rallies, one hosted by glenn beck at the lincoln memorial on the anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream speech. al sharpton's rally will be steps away from the mlk memorial. live at the national mall with the story is john henrehan. >> reporter: i'm at the lincoln memorial, wisdom, where maybe 2,000 people have already assembled. these people are spending the night in order to be close to glenn beck's restoring honor rally at the lincoln memorial saturday morning. i've asked a couple people from the crowd to come explain why they're here. national park service says you can't camp here but if they stay awake, they're allowed to stay. i just want to know, why have you come to washington d.c. for this? >> i've come a very faithful avid glenn beck watcher, and i truly believe that he is right on with what he is doing. he's trying to restore honor back to the united states, and i am very very passionate about having our country go back to the way it was with our founding fathers, with the constitution, and that's why i'm here. i want
mccain was attacked for having a pastor endorse him for president. this saturday glenn beck outdid mccain by endorsing john hagey. there he is taking the cheers from the crowd. john hagec who called the catholic church the rev lag. is this more of the old right's difference? let's talk about who stands in the glenn beck coral? plus seven and a half years ago the war began with a an evolving justifications by those who ro moted the war. tonight as president obama declares to talk from the the oval office and u.s. combat missions have ended, we'll look back at the war. >>> also a new poll shows the republicans with the largest lead ever, ten points. what can the democrats do to turn the tide between now and november? >>> plus, even as president obama is battered on the left for not being tough enough with wall street. some of his biggest backers in the banking world are deserting him and throwing money at republicans. what is going on here? >>> and let me finish with iraq and why we should have never gone to war in the first place. let's start with glenn beck. this saturday glenn beck e
're talking like this. >> newt should be embarrassed. glenn beck is different. he's a paranoid lunatic who is a great entertainer. he's exploiting something that always happens in the country when the economy is bad and we're at war. during world war i, people were talking german in the street, people would beat them up. and then we interned the japanese. during the bad economic times over the last couple of years and the terrorism, it has led to this wave that glenn beck and his puppet master, rupert murdoch are exploiting. chris: katty, it is amazing to see a news organization like fox, the owner giving a million dollars to the republican party. it is out of the closet. is this a commercial thing beck is doing to raise ratings and raise money and get an audience. coming to washington, the whole thing. >> i think to some extent, as joe said, beck is an extraordinary entertainer. when he rants like this and speaks in very intimate fear amongering tones about how the republic is dispeering, that raises ratings and his profile. i think he's appealing to a broader section of the american publ
different the message themselves sounded similar. good saturday everyone. i'm correcting melvin. glenn beck and al sharpton came to washington both of them with messages and recovering ideals. both of those messages drew crowds today. we got team coverage of those rallies and those who traveled to washington to attend them. we start with derrick ward on the national mall for glenn beck's restoring honor rally. >> reporter: as the sun came up the suntion on the crowds already gathered on the lincoln memorial and shown on the reason for why they came. >> the united states return to its roots, otherwise we're just another member of a world that gone astray. >> we believe that our culture is under attack, the values of our country is under attack. >> reporter: there were very few of the signs that so characterized other rallies like this. the one we saw was largely ignored. the group from the socialist workers party got more attention but the key speakers were the draw. >> build it and they will come. the reflecting pool holds about 200,000 people. this field back here holds about 250,000 to 30
>> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." reading through the news of the day and more and more of it is starting to sound like characters from "charlie brown." you know what i mean? all you hear is mumbling. nothing seems to be changing. the border, the news today, 72, 72 central and south american migrants on a ranch. just south of the u.s. border killed. how about individual liberties? the ninth u.s. circuit of appeal says the government can trespass on your property to place a tracking device on your car without a warrant and track your comings and goings. joe biden is campaigning about the wonder of the recovery act and excited to spend more taxpayers money we don't have. a new poll out saying voters trust republicans on more than all the ten key issues. you have to be kidding me. really? why? when has switching the "r" and the "d" ever changed a darn thing? that is not the answer, gang. tonight, i'll show you what i believe the answer is. c'mon, we've got work to do. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i saw the headline today on the drudge report. and the reality o
you for watching. good night. >> geraldo: live and at large, it was huge. love glenn beck or hate him there is no denying that the fox news host accomplished something extraordinary today in washington, d.c. on a hot august afternoon he summoned like minded conservatives to the nation's capitol and despite the doubts and criticism and even fears of violence a last and peaceful crowd showed up and numbered in the low hundreds of thousands and despite the avowedly nonpolitical nature of occasion and whether or not they identify with the tea parties kortright wing of the political party or choose to align themselves with mr. beck they feel part of what is now the most potent political force in the country. welcome to this special edition of the program. i'm geraldo rivera. over the course of the next hour you will see large portions of an event that for various reasons was i think as underreported today as it was underestimated earlier. here is what is probably the largest private march since the million man march on washington. >> hello, america! i have just gotten word from the med
. these shows on the table and hitting my hot buttons at this hour. glenn beck took his freak show to the nation's capital over the weekend, had plenty of angry old white folks, but you know what, no solutions. although he says he's bringing the nation back to god. i got a commentary on that in just a moment. >>> last month tennessee's lieutenant governor called islam a cult. now the site of a proposed mosque near nashville, tennessee, has been set on fire. accusations of hate crime and a terror attack are flying around. investigators are trying to get to the bottom of what really happened. >>> and i had the privilege of speaking at the real rally commemorating dr. martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech on saturday. i'll talk to the man who led the charge, dr. al sharpton, and what i had to say at the rally coming up. >>> but this is the story that has me fired up tonight. at this hour, millions of americans, they're desperate, searching for answers on where we go now on this economy. false prophet glenn beck gave thousands of his followers this message. >> something beyond imagination
up turnout by warming up troops. what glenn beck and the tea party crowd have up their sleeves. speaking of beck, how about the obscenity of him saying he wants to regain american honor by hijacking the anniversary of martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech on the washington mall himself right on the lincoln memorial. he's comparing the importance of his rally, by the way, to the moon landing, rosa park, and the wright brothers. honestly, i wouldn't have thought of those connections myself. >>> also, what are we going to do about this story? a mississippi middle school has insisted on deciding which electeded class positions can be held by black students and which can be held by white students. for instance, the president of every class must be, you guessed it, white. the school board quickly changed its policy once the media got hold of the story. this policy is not so rare in states like mississippi. more to come. >>> plus, katrina. five years later. we're still learning more about the chaos and the violence down there in the days after the storm. we're going to go down
on the catholic church endorse him for president. well, this saturday glenn beck outdid mccain by endorsing john haigy. there he was at the foot of the lincoln memorial, arm in arm with beck's other proud associates taking the cheers from the crowd. john haigy who called the catholic church the great whore of revelation. is this the love and religious unity to which beck appeared to personally give witness, or is it more of the old native attitude that derides any religious or ethnic difference? let's talk about who truly stands in the glenn beck corral. plus, seven and a half years ago the war in iraq began with shock awe and an evolving set of justifications by those who promoted the war. tonight, as president obama prepares to declare from the oval office that the u.s. combat mission has ended, we'll look back at those reasons for war and see whether any of them turned out to be true. also, the new gallup congressional poll shows the republicans with their largest lead ever, ten points what. can the democrats do to turn the tide between now and november. >>> plus, even as president obama is b
." . . >> host: it's being held north of the capitol building. james hope, where did glenn beck get the name of restoring honor? >> he said that had goes back to george washington and that the idea is to restore the honor of george washington and other great americans like him. host: i know that he said that the lincoln memoriol was not chosen on this date to be the march on washington in 1963, but why the lincoln memorial? >> he holds the lincoln memorial as a classical showing in washington. and has said on his show that the national will not prevent these large rallies and he wanted to use the lincoln memorial before it's not able to be used. host: have you heard of the numbers for this rally? >> they are saying 100,000 people, we don't know, it could ten's of thousands and it's hard to get a grasp of the number of people there. host: we are showing the set-up for the glenn beck historical rally, this was the day before. have you talked to the hotels to see how full they are? >> the hotels around the base of washington are busy. and it's coming up on labor day weekend, and end the summer.
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organized by glenn beck. the reverend al sharpton commemorated the speech by dr. martin luther king with a march. we'll get your thoughts, especially as we go into midterm elections. the president has concluded a 10 day vacation at martha's vineyard. the president speaks today. live coverage at 3:00 p.m. on c- span. it was five years ago that hurricane katrina hit the gulf coast leaving its scars on new orleans and the region. we will look at the schools, the economy, and the city of new orleans five years after the storm. first, we will get your reaction to the rallies called by glenn beck and al sharpton. for republicans, 202-737-0001, for democrats, 202-737-0002 and for independents the number to call is 202-628-0205. let's begin with some of the headlines courtesy of the newseum. at one point, as many as 30,000 residents living in the ninth ward. now only 6000. after the storm hit, many fled to houston. it is looking at the impact the storm had on those cities. headlines outside of washington -- this is from california. the tea party followers rally at the national mall. opponen
. >> it should be condemned. moving on now. conservative comem tator glenn beck says the hundreds of thousands people who attended his rally in washington were expressing a deep dissatisfaction with the country. from the stage at the lincoln memorial on saturday where martin luther king jr. delivered a "i have a dream" speech exactly 47 years earlier, beck urged activists to embrace the nation's traditional values. >> something beyond imagination is happening! something that is beyond man is happening! america, today, begins to turn back to god. >> on fox news sunday, beck took directing what he called obama's version of christianity. >> jesus came for personal salvation. that's what i happen to believe. what does the president believe? four different speeches since he has been president, he has told and mainly students that your salvation is directly tied to the collective salvation. that's not something that most christians recognize. people aren't recognizing his version of christianity. >> in his exclusive interview with brian williams, president obama said he didn't watch restoring honor,
, suzanne. >>> glenn beck is coming to the area at the end of the month, but civil-rights leaders are not happy about the visit. we will tell you why. >>> and something is sweeping all across the internet concerning facebook. >>> an >>> a new study in diagnosing adhd reveals some startling news about the disorder. >> who is really losing out in the case here? rebecca cooper joins us with the details. >> leon, nearly 8% of american children have some form of attention deficit hyperactive disorder, but at least half may go undetected due to a shortage in diagnostics and treatment. one key factor in one -- whether a child is the likeness is how old they are compared to others in their class. when a child is one of the youngest in the classroom, a new study shows that child is more than 60% likely to be diagnosed with adhd than the older children in the classroom. it is clear. they say it is not clear that the younger children are being misdiagnosed but that older children are not being detected. >> an older child will not be as physically hyperactive, so a teacher with 25 or 30 kids
are descending tonight and tomorrow morning on the washington mall as glenn beck prepares to stage a massive rally of his followers. civil rights groups are up in arms that this event falls on the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s historic march on washington. king jr.'s historic march on washington. tonight, we speak with a descendant of king, who is a supporter of beck's rally. vicki mabrey reports. >> we are doing something amazing on saturday. i've been examining the problems of this country and i've been trying to come up with ways out. >> it's time to restore america. restore the world. it's time to believe again. >> reporter: he'll be sharing that dream tomorrow with his followers. 100,000 of them are expected. some started claiming the good seats early this morning. >> we kind of losing the family, the basic morals, basic values that we had. >> i just feel that, you know, families are so fractured and children seem to be raised with no direction. >> when confronted by the oppression of fear, and conventional wisdom. >> reporter: a promo for the rally highlights some of america'
on the steps of the lincoln memorial tomorrow conservative tv show host glenn beck will holt hold a rally including sara palin. some folks are saying that just doesn't seem right. here's emily schmidt. >> reporter: conservative talk show host glenn beck is hosting a rally at the same place on the same date as martin luther king, jr. outlined a dream 47 years ago. >> i don't understand the timing. i think everything is deliberate. >> it's america everybody has a right to state and believe what they want. >> reporter: beck insists the scheduling is a coincidence he said his restoring honor rally isn't about politics. >> i've heard it over again in the media because of this event on the date of this event i'm somehow or another hijacking dr. martin luther king, jr.'s speech i'm not big enough to do that no one is. >> reporter: it could draw 100,000 people. sara palin will speak to the tea party crowd. so will dr. king's niece. >> whatever our messages are we have to love each other today. that's what this is about. >> they don't have the right to destroy what dr. king's dream was abo
on "the dylan ratigan show." the young turk with something to say about glenn beck and the ground zero mosque. he'll present his daily rant. first another controversy in new york. except for this one is 67 stories high. so who is opposed to adding a new skyscraper to the most famous skyline in the world? plus, are they out there or not? the author of a controversial new book on ufos joins us to answer her critics. it's all as we continue after this. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. waking up with morning pain is hard enough, but it can also drain the energy right out of you. if you wake up tired and in pain, try new bayer am. bayer am works two w
>>> two duly rallies on the national mall. glenn beck and sarah palin appeal to their vast following and reverend al sharpton leads a counter rally. we have team coverage of the day's events. >>> hurricane katrina. five years later a look back at another breach and why some are vowing never to go back. >>> plus two storms churning in the atlantic. hurricane daniel and tropical storm earl. we are tracking their paths. >>> good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm melanie alnwick. sarah is off today. >>> new this morning a triple shooting in the district. it started at around 3:00 a.m. at a pool party in southeast. we're two of the victims are men and the other is a woman. all of them are in stable condition. it is not clear if the shooting happened inside or outside and so far no word on any motive or arrests. >>> well now to the dueling rallies on the national mall. tens of thousands of people gathered for the one spearheaded by conservative talk show host glenn beck. al sharpton hosted his counter rally and matt acland has a look at both. >> reporter: it w
things that don't normally go hand in hand. that is unless you are glenn beck. reaction to his hopes of reclaiming civil rights straight ahead. [ female announcer ] it's crabfest at red lobster. the best time to crack it... twirl it... dunk it... and discover more new ways than ever to enjoy crab. starting at $14.99, only during crabfest... ends soon at red lobster. fox tv's conservative talk show host glenn beck held a large rally at the lincoln memorial. that would have not been a remarkable event except it was the anniversary of dr. martin luther king junior's i have a dream salespeople on the same spot. beck said he would use the rally to reclaim the civil rights. who owns the dream? zbr what would dr. king want to do? he said he want ad dream or he had a dream. that was for all people of all colors to come together as one and to confront the problems that the country was facing in 196 # and 1964. fast forward to 2010. that's glenn beck. does he understand what african-american. can he certainly empathize to a certain degree? of course he can. so it's very easy for someone to arm
now. >>> thanks, suzanne. good evening, everyone. drye driving our debate tonight, glenn beck. he calls himself the whitest man in america. he also once with said that president obama has a deep-seated hatred for white people. tomorrow, if you haven't heard already, mr. beck is holding a rally at the foot of the lincoln memorial with the goal, he says, of honoring the troops and we are quoting here, reclaiming the civil rights movement. did we just mention it happens to be the 47th anniversary of the march on washington? at the very site of the martin luther rally "i had a dream speech." dead up, you get something that mr. beck is all too familiar. controversy. >> the civil rights movement of '63 was to come to washington, to ask government to protect citizens, to intervene in our lives. he is coming to the government to get out of our lives. there are states rights movement, so you can't have it both ways. >> since the day president obama was elected president, you have had a constant tirade against the president, against democratic efforts to get the economy turned around. so le
. plus, glenn beck and sarah palin are planning a big rally on the steps of the lincoln memorial later this month 47 years to the day after the reverend martin luther king delivered his "i have a dream" speech in the same spot. many civil rights leaders are not happy about it. the reverend al sharpton will tell us why. >>> then, one day after rod blagojevich was convicted on only one of 24 charges against him, we're learning more about what the jury was thinking, and it nearly turned out very differently for blago. >>> and damage control. white house chief of staff rahm emanuel has spent three days on the phone trying to quell the anger from democrats who say they were blindsided when president obama weighed in on the mosque near ground zero. we'll get the latest intrigue from inside the west wing of the white house. >>> and finally, what does nevada's senate candidate sharron angle have in common with george washington, thomas jefferson and ben franklin? you'll find that out in the sideshow. >>> let's begin with charlie cook of the cook political report and chris cillizza of "the wash
. conservative fire brand and fox tv host glenn beck held his resonating restoring honor event at the lincoln memorial where king delivered his iconic speech 47 years ago. some distance away, the reverend al sharpton echoed the march on washington with an event called reclaim the dream. that group then marched to the site of planned memorial to dr. king. that invoked lincoln by get reading gettysburg address and made numerous references to george washington and the founding fathers. but the most provocative comments were about king. >> i think i can relate to martin luther king out of all of these giants. can i relate to martin luther king probably the most because we haven't carved him in marble yet. he's still a man. and that's the message, that man makes a difference. what is it that these men have you don't? what is it? abraham lincoln, the american indian, frederick douglas, the moon shot, the pioneers. what is it they have that you don't have? the answer is nothing. they are exactly like you. they just did the hard thing. >> and as the beck rally ended, sharp ton's reclaim the dream mar
. >>> not sea far removed from politics, in his big rally this weekend, glenn beck said this. >> we must be better than what we've allowed ourselves to become. we must get the poison of hatred out of us, no matter what anyone may say or do, no matter what anyone smears or lies or throws our way. >> that, the same glenn beck who said this. >> the government is a heroin pusher, using smiley faced fascism to grow the nanny state. >> and this. >> communist, revolutionaries, socialist, marxists, followers of chairman mao, appointed by obama to the executive branch in positions of the deposit. call, call me. >> big disconnect, to say the least between beck the kumbaya rally host and beck the talk show host. we'll debate whether that matters in a moment. >>> first the pressing issue that matters most to you, the economy. here with us congressman cummings and ed rollins and john avalon and from new orleans, james carville. i want to begin with that apparent disconnect. listen first to the president in the rose garden. he met with his economic team. he knew just back from his vacation he talk abo
. but the movement was anything but. the crowd that glenn beck brought to washington ignited in secular tension determined to bring down a parking light and united in politics. conservatives from wall to wall. whether 100 or 500,000 there, when was the last time liberals got 100,000 people to the mall. the answer is a good one. inaugural day. why can't progressives create events like these folks did this weekend? these folks who pride themselveses in traditionalism it's got game change author saying they could lose up to 60 house seat this is november. the democrats have a couple months to do something about it. here's another question. how did president obama lose control of his own biography? he's been portrayed by enemies as a foreign-born muslim socialist terrorist enemy of american capitalism. how did this story get to be so big? and why isn't the white house doing anything to kill it? plus, anotherfter 9/11 presidena courageously argued against backlash of muslims and called islam a religion of peace. how is this for a twist? the 2010 political season that at one point was to be the year
a dream" speech. one was being led by conservative talk show host glenn beck. that taking place at the lincoln memorial and another being led by the reverend al sharpton taking place quite a few blocks away at a high school. it's being called a march, a march that will make its way to the future site of the martin luther king memorial. let's begin with the rally that has just ended just a few moments ago at the lincoln memorial. that's a political producer. shannon travis is joining us now to give us an idea, the high points of that location. then we'll be going to sara lee, still at dunbar high school where the march will be under way. let's begin with you, shannon. >> that march may be getting under way. the music and speeches here have just stopped pretty much. many people are filing out but they are taking back with them the message from today. that message was not about politic, it was definitely about restoring hope in what they see is a nation that's sliding in terms of hope. restoring hope, unity, equality. you can see now some of the people filing out. the crowd is thin
on the table and hit might go hot buttons at this hour. well, glenn beck's circus of delusion and ego will be on full display in washington, d.c. tomorrow seeing he's trying to twisted the legacy of dr. king. my commentary plus the man who really knows how to honor martin luther king jr. reverend al sharpton will join us in a moment. an interesting story today. joe madison, the black eagle radio talk show host went nose to nose with the beckster himself. did beck apologize for saying racist things about the president? we'll tell what you went down in a moment. >>> michele bachmann has a wake up call for progressives. if the republicans win back control of the congress, it's going to be nothing but subpoenas and investigations. that's their plan for america. should be a call to arms for lefties when it comes to getting to the polls in november. >>> and the tea party goes to wall street. some of the richest, some of the most wealthiest men in the country are comparing president obama to hitler and moussalini. that's right. but mr. president, isn't it time to get it together and fight ba
hurricane katrina devastated that city. also, glenn beck's regrets. one day after his rally on the mall. the conservative talk show host says some of the things he said about the president in the >> five years ago to the day the world watched in horror as hurricane katrina ripped across the gulf coast. today president obama traveled to new orleans to take part in a memorial there. jay gray with the latest from jackson square. >> reporter: from the fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina president obama traveled to new orleans to deliver a promise. >> my administration is going to stand with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> the president and the nation pausing to remember. >> reporter: what those who lived through the storm can never forget. at this memorial where katrina made landfall along the mississippi coast, survivors honored the loss and offered support for so many still struggle iing in the five years since, the baptist church has provided help and hope for so who spend their days still surrounded by such despair. >> this church has been more like a hospital f
, republicans are going to show up for glenn beck and sarah palin, most of them jumping up and down, excited with unbelievable enthusiasm about voting this this upcoming election. i'm waiting for next democratic rally with the next 200,000 people in this town. when is it going to come? >> first of all, i think the democrats have to use the rally and the statements of glenn beck and others to remind the voters with cannot take the rights and opportunities we have for granted. and that this president is doing everything he can do. and clearly, i think we can turn that around. in other words, i think that this, what's going to happen tomorrow with regards to mr. beck is going to backfire. but we have to do our part to make sure it backfires. >> hey chris -- >> let me see that wo word backfire. i'm thinking firepower. it's not so much a stretch to say this crowd that's around beck includes people like sharron angle who wants to include second amendment remedies if they don't like what you folks are up to. gun play. use your gun if you don't like congress and the way they're voting. this is worse
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